From: John Arkins, President, FVFS (Federation of Victorian Film Societies)

Dear Bill,

It was most interesting talking with you the other day and discussing the upcoming
meeting to progress the formation of the South Australian Federation of Film

FVFS is most supportive of the South Australian Members enabling their own state
Federation. There are quite a number of steps that have to be taken and, while FVFS
would be disappointed to lose a number of members, it is for the right reason.

As I discussed with you earlier, it is most important that there is significant
participation by the South Australian Societies. It is also important that all Executive
positions are held by different individuals from South Australian Film Societies.

FVFS will be pleased to help you in any way to achieve this most important outcome
of a strong and supportive State Federation. Please feel free to contact me at any time
for any matter that you need.

Good Luck and I look forward to hearing the result of the meeting.


John Arkins
President FVFS