Now a member of ACOFS

The Australian Council of Film Societies (ACOFS) today confirmed that it has accepted SAFFS as a member Federation.  

Application to be accepted by ACOFS

SAFFS President, Bill Biscoe, has now formally applied to ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies) to be have SAFFS accepted as a member Federation. Delegates from all the other Federations are currently in the process of voting.

Committee and Founding Members

The following committee was formed by the 4 founding members of SAFFS on Sunday June 19 2016, in Adelaide: President: Bill Biscoe, Barossa Film Club Secretary: Ronald Evans, Adelaide Film Study Group Treasurer: Yvonne Whittaker-Rush, Adelaide University Film Society...

New South Wales Letter of Support

From: Leth Maitland, President, New South Wales Federation of Film Societies Dear South Australians, To those of you who are embarked on the worthy enterprise of re-establishing a South Australian Federation of Film Societies, best wishes and heartfelt encouragement...

Victoria Letter of Support

From: John Arkins, President, FVFS (Federation of Victorian Film Societies) Dear Bill, It was most interesting talking with you the other day and discussing the upcoming meeting to progress the formation of the South Australian Federation of Film Societies. FVFS is...