Now a member of ACOFS

The Australian Council of Film Societies (ACOFS) today confirmed that it has accepted SAFFS as a member Federation.  

Application to be accepted by ACOFS

SAFFS President, Bill Biscoe, has now formally applied to ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies) to be have SAFFS accepted as a member Federation. Delegates from all the other Federations are currently in the process of voting.

Committee and Founding Members

The following committee was formed by the 4 founding members of SAFFS on Sunday June 19 2016, in Adelaide: President: Bill Biscoe, Barossa Film Club Secretary: Ronald Evans, Adelaide Film Study Group Treasurer: Yvonne Whittaker-Rush, Adelaide University Film Society...

New South Wales Letter of Support

From: Leth Maitland, President, New South Wales Federation of Film Societies Dear South Australians, To those of you who are embarked on the worthy enterprise of re-establishing a South Australian Federation of Film Societies, best wishes and heartfelt encouragement...