Main contacts

  • President/Secretary: Robert Chrzaszcz, Barossa Film Club
  • Membership officer: Prodos S N Marinakis
  • Use our contact form, or email SAFFS directly:


SAFFS is a proud member of ACOFS (Australian Council of Film Societies) .

Our sister Federations in each state:

  • Federation of Victorian Film Societies
  • Tasmanian Federation of Film Societies
  • New South Wales Federation of Film Societies
  • WA Federation of Film Societies
  • Federation of Queensland Film Societies

Aims of SAFFS

From our Constitution:

  • to foster the growth of the film society movement of South Australia;
  • to promote and defend the interests of, and provide united representation for, its member film societies and its associate members;
  • to be an active member — as a Federation of film societies — of the Australian Council of Film Societies (ACOFS);
  • to co-operate with ACOFS-affiliated Federations of film societies in other States and Territories of Australia, and with film society movement organisations in other countries;
  • to promote the study of film as an art form and as an educational medium, both within the community generally and within educational institutions and cultural organisations;
  • to promote friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the Film Society Movement and film distributors and film libraries;
  • to encourage the establishment of new film societies in South Australia and offer assistance for this purpose;


Logo & Motto

The “rocket & ripples” logo design represents the spreading and promotion of the South Australian “Film Society Movement” as each unique film society takes off on its own special journey into intriguing places and spaces. Every individual film society promotes and inspires others — including those which may have a quite different focus.

The motto suggests that each film that’s screened and studied is an “adventure in motion (pictures)” but also that each film society is an adventure or enterprise “in motion” — powered by independent minds full of curiosity and creativity.

The ripples also denote both the light waves and sound waves of film and film culture spreading out across South Australia, Australia, and worldwide. Furthermore, the ripples depict a sort of launching pad and target — the central goal of the SAFFS — which is to encourage the launch of energetic film societies on their distinctive journeys.